Can asterisk use thermo sensor to call automatically?

If there such function in asterisk, that in case of high temperature (using either motherboard/cpu thermo sensor or external sensor) server starts dialing emergency number ?
For example, there is such device for a little bit more than 100 euro that can send sms or ring 4 predefined numbers in case of emergency, but what about asterisk ?

No. But the box as a whole could do that, given the right software. Software outside Asterisk would monitor the temperature and generate a .call file when the alarm was generated.

so, I suppose I need
1 thermo sensor (in case of using extra one , not server built in)
2 software (may be digitemp ?) that reads data from sensor and creates a .call file in /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/
3 configure a cron job to perform this task regularly … e315.shtml

sensors - generate lot of info. I mean you can see what will give you sensors and then you can continue further.
Script could be very simple - and you can call it every minute (cron). I am not sure if you can bind script to some of sensors.