Send DTMF after dial

Hello forum.

I want to create e dial plan that every dialed number like 2XXX the number 6300 will be dialed first and then after waiting 2 seconds (time necessary to be the other end answer), the DTMF 2XXX will be sent.
I’m using AsteriskNow. If any code is necessary, can you post?


Assuming you mean after answer supervision is received or inferred:

core show application dial

The D option is the most literal way of doing this. Use 4 initial w’s to get the two second delay. I guess this might just be accessible from AsteriskNow, but this is not the right forum for AsteriskNow.

You can also use the g option and complete with the Bridge application - almost certainly not compatible with AsteriskNow.

You should be able to use the M option (deprecated) or the U option. I suspect these aren’t available via AsteriskNow.