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I have a problem with my PBX. I’ve been using Asterisket version 13.11 for a few days now. When I call a number, I get a crackling noise as soon as the call starts, even before the recipient answers. A few days before, Asterisk had a big problem where it wouldn’t send or receive calls. I managed to get Asterisk up and running again by modifying the “dahdi_channels.conf” file. The problem is that no changes had been made before Asterisk was shut down. And now with this sizzling problem, I don’t really know what to do. And I really don’t know anything about this. Any help is welcome


Start by upgrading to a supported version.

Crackling on analogue lines is usually a problem with the electrical connections, not necessarily locally.

However, you haven’t said you are using an analogue line, and you didn’t say it wasn’t VoIP until quite late.


As david5551 mentioned you should be using at least asterisk 16 or even 18 by now.
Properly uninstall your current Asterisk version especially the modules then do a reinstall let us know then if you have any issues

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Ok, thanks for answering.
Actually, we have a router that connects us to a telephone line supplied via copper. But it’s no longer analog. I hypothesized that the problem might be with the power line or a hardware problem. But that’s not the case, I contacted our telephony provider and they assured me that there’s no packet loss.
Do you have any tips for updating? It sounds like a big migration from 13 to 16.

Okay. We have quite a lot of custom configurations, doesn’t that complicate the task? Do you have any tutorials or documentation to carry out this migration?

DAHDI isn’t used for packetised voice! Please explain the conflicting information.

Sorry for the confusion. I gave the information I thought relevant. So I was explaining that I first modified the “dahdi_channels.conf” file to make Asterisk work again. Then, since Asterisk is working again, I’ve been having problems with crackling and one of the first things I had to do was contact our telephony provider to make sure that the problem was really with Asterisk. As for the “dahdi_channels.conf” file, I’ve told you about it to give you some context, as it’s the only file I’ve touched that seems to have had an effect on Asterisk. Please note that I have no knowledge of these technologies.


We were able to solve our sizzling problem by updating to version 16. We don’t know exactly what the source of the problem was, but the update solved it.

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