Voice Cracking Problem in Asterisk

I have been facing a severe issue with my asterisk systems. As soon as the call volume increase the audio starts cracking. I am Using Asterisk 13 on Intel® Xeon® CPU E5450 @ 3.00GHz.
I am using Dahdi for Incoming/outgoing calls in a Telco PRI Line E1. Pri’s are terminated in Sangoma 8 port cards.
Once I restart the system the audio quality gets back to normal, but as soon as call rush increases(100 calls/ second) the wav audio starts cracking.

Please suggest some solution.

Are the calls being recorded? What does the disk IO look like during the “rush”?

Yes, but not all the calls are recorded, only 30% of the calls are recorded , rest are just incoming calls on which recorded wav audio is being played out.

This sounds like an issue with with the use of third party hardware. You need to get your support from Sangamo. (Even for Digium hardware, you would need to get support from Digium, not the open source community.)

i have contacted them, they have checked the system and no issues found at their end. Can it be a wav audio issue or some cache issue, as the problem disappears on system restart only.

You can try to capture packages in your Asterisk box with tcpdump and see if the same happens…

Dahdi doesn’t use IP, so TCPDUMP will see nothing.

Did you check the Overruns on Sangoma card? Call cracking may be due to overruns on E1 lines.