"Courtesy tone" after attended transfer

Hi there,

I’ve found quite contradictory information on the possibility to let * generate a courtesy tone when a attended transfer takes place. The idea: when person A calls B to announce an external caller, person B should hear a short tone to indicate when A has hung up and B’s talking to the caller.

We are running Asterisk 10 and - after a server crash requiring a fresh install - we HAD this tone although I copied the whole /etc/asterisk, /var/lib/asterisk/sounds and /var/lib/asterisk/moh over the blank install version! I’ve not installed the examples. It simply worked.

But then the customer sent some new announcements and moh files and I deleted the in my opinion unnecessary files from /var/lib/asterisk/sounds (of course not beep.gsm and others) Now I wonder if I really deleted a special beep file needed for this feature, or what made the tranfer beep go.

Any ideas?

do the logs say something about a file that isn’t found?

No - that was my first guess too, but even in the verbose log, theres no complaint about a missing file.
I’ve enabled the features in the so-named conf file as well, but it previously worked without having a tone assigned to the attended transfer, and now it still does not work with it being enabled