Country tones

Hi all
I am asterisk 1.8 with openbts and directing calls to my mobile via chan_mobile and it all works great. However my problem is with the ring tones, when I make call it sounds like I am dialling outside my country. I have set country to ie in inDications.conf and created a file with the tones used here but no differance. It seems to be using the default settings ie US.
Have I to make more changes.

Do you have the necessary FCC licenses to operate a cellular base station?

The default, with SIP, is that the calling device or SIP gateway generates the tones. You will need to use Progress(), or answer prematurely, before Asterisk will source or pass call progress in band.

Thanks David but I am still not sure what you mean. The asterisk doc. Described the tone selection is taken from the selected country but are you saying I have to set this in extensions.conf. If this is the case could you give me example.

You set the tones in indications.conf or in the phone or gateway (OpenBTS is a gateway). For the tones in indications.conf to be used, on a SIP connection, the call must be answered or in an early media state. Please read the documentation for the Answer and Progress applications.

I’m concerned that people are using OpenBTS, which is capable of causing significant disruption, and requires a government licence, when they don’t have a good telephony background.

You are also on the wrong forume. Despite appearences, this is for discussion, not for asking questions.