Asterisk: sip phone don't use the italian tones

I have a simple pbx with two phones, one isdn, another one is a sip phone(granstream gxp2170), the isdn phone respect the italian tone, the sip phone use the american tone.
I think I had configured right my environment

language = it


country=it ; default location


exten => 1001,1,Set(LANGUAGE()=it)
exten => 1001,1,Dial(SIP/telefono1,20,Ttm)
same  => n,Hangup



After restarting asterisk the sip phone still use american tones

Solution found, the ring tones can be configured only by the phone itself at least on this model.

That’s pretty much true of every phone and ATA I’ve ever encountered. Asterisk (or pretty much any VOIP system) doesn’t actually generate the ringing pattern. The phone is told it has an incoming call and that’s it. Even the dial-tone you might hear out of a SIP phone is being generated within the phone.

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If someone is interested this is a decent value for the italian tone of “awaiting call” on grandstream gxp2170


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