Correct callerid when call between two mobile numbers

Continious of story:

We got freepbx ui. And there is a problem when using ari call like this:

ari.channels().originate("{trunk tech}/{trunk name}/{first number to call}")
                .setExtension("{second number to call}")
                .setContext("{predefined context for outbound calls}")

In cdr reports call like this will contains call record file but not information about {first number to call}
Callerid and outbound caller id will contains {extension}
I’m not sure that this is not clearly asterisk problem, but maybe someone will give advice.
If i change CallerId to {first number to call} i will got full info but without extension there will no be any record of call.
I’ve tried to set up some variables:
No changes or no records after using this variables. Any ideas how i can receive info {first number to call} and call record ?
There is field in cdr reports looks like for custom user data, but any chance to put some data to it.

“We got freepbx ui.”

In that case you would be far better off asking on the FreePBX forums:


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