Issue with Caller ID in Call File

I’m using the following Caller ID to originate two calls and connect them.

However, the CallerID I set is working for the first call. For the Second Call, the system is sending the Trunk Default Caller ID

Channel: local/+911234567890@from-internal
CallerID: +91123123123 <+91123123123>
Context: from-internal
Extension: + 911234567899
Priority: 1

I cannot decode why the CallerID is not working for the second call. Any help appreciated.

Caller ID on one leg is connected line ID on the other leg. If you want the caller ID set on the second leg, you will need to have the extension set it.

I’m afraid, I cannot understand that. Can you please guide me?

Caller Id in that request sets the A side caller ID. That corresponds to the identity of the B side. Any caller Id for the B side would be different, and would be that of the A side, if it were available.

You can set caller-id at context ‘from-internal’
check your from-internal context!

Yes, I can. But I need dynamic Caller ID. Can you share an example to set a Dynamic CID?

Encode it into the extension and parse it out.

Place it in a variable and copy it.

use the Variable: option

  • Variable - Channel variable to set, multiple Variable: headers are allowed.

I’ve created a new dialplan, set up CID from there and used that as context.

That solved my issue.

Thanks guys for instructing me.

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