Converting Files to gsm using SoX

I am using Sox to convert my sound files from .wav to .gsm one at a time, is there a command i could use to do an entire older of files all at the same time?

currently i type this to convert a file and it works great for one at a time
sox -V C:/Users/mattm_000/Desktop/filename.wav -r 8000 -c1 c:/Users/mattm_000/Desktop/newfilename.gsm

I have a folder with 38 wav files i would like to convert all at he same time, what should i enter in the command line to make this happen?

the folder is located in this location C:/Users/mattm_000/Desktop/Linda

I want the gsm files to stay in the same folder


Assuming Bash or Bourne shell:

[code]cd c:/Users/mattm_000/Desktop
for f in *.wav
base=basename $f .wav

sox -V ${base}.wav -r 8000 -c1 ${base}.gsm

You can also use find.