Converting calls in gsm format to mp3


Does anyone know how can I convert the calls (wav files) recorded by asterisk in GSM 6.01 format to MP3? Is there a setting that I can configure?



download and install lame, and look for the mlame script…i use that to encode our calls to mp3 after recording, and before moving to our SAN. i eventually will have calls directly recorded to the SAN and encode them there, but for now, we have enough excess capacity where it doesn’t hurt anything to do it this way.

Thanks for your reply.

I used to use LAME to convert wav files to MP3 earlier similarly as you do. But we recently upgraded asterisk to the newer version which now creates wav files in GSM 6.01 format. LAME doesn’t support GSM format. So I am looking for other options.

Sox seems to do that fine on Fedora. We do the conversion on a separate Windows server. I downloaded the source for Sox to enable gsm decoding and encoding in MP3. But I’m not a C programmer and so am stuck.

So if I can find -

  1. a binary for Sox for windows with MP3 encoding and GSM decoding
  2. LAME for windows with GSM decoding support
  3. a switch in asterisk that I can set to convert to mp3
  • my problem should be resolved.

Any thoughts?