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Hello, I have one year working with Asterisk, I´m still learning and I want to know if its posible to send a code to a specific extension using the asterisk console. In particular I need to send *79 (disable DND).

Thanks in advance

This doesn’t make sense as raw Asterisk question. Are you using some sort of GUI, e.g. FreePBX. If so, you should use the forums intended for that GUI.

Asterisk extensions are patterns in extensions.conf and cannot be sent anything. My guess is that you actually want to simulate dialling code on a device.

Hi. You’re right! The problem is this. I have Asterisk running and Yealink phones that act like extensions. Some users activate DND but when I enter the phone’s web administration to disable it, the option is disabled, so I think they activate this mode with the code *78 (i dont know if they do it by mistake or at purpose).
Some of this extensions are in other building far from where I am, so I was wondering if I can send this disable code from the console directly to an extension and do it remotely.

Asterisk doesn’t have a *78 code out of the box. It has to be customised for that. You need to ask the person that customised it.

Typically some sort of database will be used to store the state. You could use database tools to directly manipulate it, or you could define a new extension that read the target extension, or contained it as a suffix. However, if you are using a GUI, that will mean learning to use Asterisk, and/or the database, directly.

Thanks David for taking the time to answer me! I will explore the options you gave me.

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