Question about Do Not Disturb


Whenever I enable DND using *78, is it not supposed to play a special tone when off hook to remind you that you have it activated? Kind of like voicemail stutter tone. If so, how do you enable the special tone?

Secondly, how do I set the system up that when DND is enabled calls from certain numbers are allowed through…For example, my cell phone or my work?

Any help would be appreciated!

one possibility: i have my inbound line (one voip, one zaptel) go to custom contexts to do various preprocessing, after which (if they’ve passed various checks), i goto timecondtions context. you could do something similar whereby certain CID numbers go to ext-group (which is where timeconditions goes to if it matches.) this is on freepbx-generated config, but the general idea is the same, i think…

I saw some one on the users list I believe (or IRC don’t remember) ask if there was a way to overide DND. From what I know as of now you cant. You can try to pay a coder to add the functionality to asterisk (asuming its possible) or do what dswartz said. Basicly you create an extension that sets a value in astb to either 1 or 0. When a “regular” call comes in you check to see the status of the variable. If you want to recieve calls then it sends the call to your phone. You then create a seperate extension for certain users to get ahold of you even if you are busy.

I have something like this:

Exten => 1234,1,$GotoIf([${DB(opt-in-ext-1234/selected)} = 1]?2:4)
exten => 1234,2,Dial(Zap/1)
Exten => 1234,3,Hangup
exten => 1234,4,Ringing
Exten => 1234,5,Wait(3)
Exten => 1234,6,Voicemail(b1234@default)

If you are “opted in” then the call goes thru to your phone. If not then it rings for 3 seconds and goes to VM and says that you are busy