Connection speed problems - too choppy sound after 11am

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SERVER = company [*], adsl 256/1024
CLIENT = home [ idefisk / x-lite], adsl 128/384

  • The sound is choppy at both sides after 11am.
    The bandwidth I used for SIP / IAX is 96kbps for any of them on company router. No other client activity was made.
    I’ve tested both with gsm codec and the best is IAX 27-29kbps vs SIP=30-32kbps before 11am. I’m going to test them with speex codec as well.
    What’s happening ? Sould I blame my server or my client connection?
    Tests that I had for both of them seemed to perform well (SERVER upload 205kbps - CLIENT download 200-340kbps)
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    Another issue is x-ten when it tries to connect with gsm codec at low speed (dialup connection), then 4-8kbps are used but it doesn’t establish connection with *.

if the audio quality is fine the rest of the time, then start looking for something that happens either on your network or on your ISP network at that time. do they traffic shape/prioritise traffic ? if they do, you might want to check their policy for VoIP and if it doesn’t include IAX traffic, request that they add it in.

if it’s a local (at either end), you might want to investigate implementing some QoS on the affected network.

thanks for the tip, I’ll try reaching my isp provider and I’ll be back.

my ip provider is NOT offering any QOS, so … dead end?

not necessarily. run a constant ping, maybe a tracert every minute or so, starting at around 10:50 and go until 11:10 (assuming it’s a hard cutoff). basically run the general network tests to see what you can get.

Also, with that low upload you NEED to set up some kind of QoS on your routers on both sides. If you need a cheap way of doing this, Linksys WRT54GL (note the L) with aftermarket firmware is a good way to do this on the cheap. Doing so will probably solve your problem…

Hi IronHelix,
I’m back from my vacations.
Can I have QoS with my 2 Zyxel 660H-63/67 and 650R-31 routers or should I switch to WRT54GL ?

not sure. check in the router setups… is there anything about qos? if so what are the options?

I picked up the WRT54G (no L) and the QOS feature with stock firmware fixed the choppy audio on my outgoing calls.

Hi to all,
The server’s router has QoS (Media Bandwidth Management) for SIP and with the appropriate tuning for IAX (needs to set port).
But my client router 650R-31 has no QoS at all.
I’ve managed to see that my server provides 3-10KB/s for IAX/gsm-SIP/g711u respectively and for now everything looks fine but this is not the appropriate season for tests (everyone leaves for vacations), so see you on September.