Problems with iax2 sounds

After getting the iax2 to work I noticed that there is a lag when I talk and broken up sound when I listen. So I decided to play with codecs and jitter but still can’t get it to work properly so, I switch to sip for now untill I can figure out how to set iax. Termination service I use supports g729, iLBC and gsm. Do you recomend any other adjustments or it’s a matter of playing with everything until it’s corrected.


hello again!

it sounds like it might be a QoS issue, perhaps whatever is running qos on your network is prioritizing sip but doesnt recognize (and thus deprioritizes) iax2?

Hello and thank you. Does it have a cure?.

no, sorry the disease is terminal and the patient is dead.

just kidding, the cure would be to go into your router’s setup and edit the QOS settings to give high priority to anything on port 4569 or to your asterisk box.

Thank you twice, got the other one too.