Looking for Voicepulse Connect alternative

Hi - I am currently using Voicepulse Connect with IAX2 but they don’t support G729. Since I am having problems with A@H and the GSM codec I’d like to switch to G729. Can anyone recommend another service that is good quality and supports G729?


OK your problems are NOT @home and GSM with CVP

You need to look some place else for the issue…

GSM works great from amp 1.1 up to 2.8 with no issues

GSM and @home work with CVP … NO PROBLEM…

Positive? I’ve tested playback with GSM and ulaw. ulaw is flawless, playback with GSM and it’s all choppy. I’m encoding the GSM files using SOX. But I know its not this because I’ve converted them to ulaw and these play fine but even straight passthough of GSM or letting asterisk transcode from ulaw to GSM…still choppy!

What is the connection type SIP/IAX/ZAP/CAPI with problems?
Do you have choppy sound all the time?
Can or have you tested speex codec?

Hi - using IAX2. Choppy only at beginning of the outgoing call when the phone is answered. Trying Speex and ilbc now, will update with my results.

Ok, tested with ILBC and still choppy at beginning of call. This is with * transcoding from ulaw to ilbc BTW.

I take it all back, choppyness is with ALL codecs suported by Voicepulse. Any idea what can be causing this?

Switched provider to Exgn. Same problem! Even tried G729 and call slightly better but gets choppy then plays ok for remainder of the message.

Does anyone know what the heck is going on with my system?

what is your connection?
and cpu?