Connecting to H.323 gateway with no GK using an alias

This I haven’t been able to figure out. I got the H.323 module running ok and I’m trying to connect to a VoIP provider in Venezuela. Here is the catch, this provider does not have a Gate Keeper to filter the incoming requests. They provided my with an IP address and an alias. I have made all the possible configuration changes and I can’t get it to work. In fact I made it to more or less work but I’m not using the alias they provided.

In my h.323.conf I have the regular stuff with this at the end:


In my extensions.conf I make calls with this:

exten => _81XXXX.,1,Dial(H323/${EXTEN:2}@myprovider)

With this configuration I can make a call from a telephone connected to my asterisk box to a local number. The call gets connected and i can get sound from the asterisk box to the local number but nothing comes from the local number back to my asterisk box. Tried all the possible arrangements with ports, and nothing. Tried adding username to the H323.conf file and nothing. Tried adding alias to the H323.conf and still nothing.

With this background I have one question. How do I send the alias and the number to be dialed to the H323 gateway? I have the idea that the gateway authenticates my box with the alias, but since I’m not sending that information the call is only half baked. Could this be a possibility? Any hints?

  • Ricardo