Asterisk H.323

I’m new in Asterisk, but I have tried some things like connecting ATA-186 and some softphones and things like that. Recently I made connection with VOIP provider using my ATA-186. Provider use H.323, ATA is configured with H.323 and that works just fine. Now I want to configure Asterisk so I can call outside using softphone or ATA. (Softphone --> Asterisk --> VOIP Provider). Things that are configured on ATA to make calls over provider are:
Ip address (ATA) is static, not behind NAT, UID0: myphonenumber, GkorProxy: ip address of provider’s gatekeeper, loginID0, GkID. I have downloaded H.323 Add-on and install it on Asterisk@Home. What I need to configure, please send example of configuration.


I was wondering if you found a solution for your prob, because I have the exact same problem :wink:

If you solved it, please let me know (how)…