How to set up H323?


I have been playing around with Asterisk and have it successfully installed on FreeBSD 6.0. I am able to make and recieve calls via SIP.

My question is how do I go about configuring Asterisk to work with my existing H323 incoming line?
My ISP here in New Zealand provides me with a VoIP phone and a number for it. I have a VoIP phone to use with it and it works well. I’d like to configure Asterisk to be able to handle the incoming calls on this line.

From my phone I gathered the following information:
The gatekeeper ip address is
My username is 754
My password is 1234

I have installed Asterisk with the ooh323c addon (compiled and seem to be running - ooh323 show config does something :smile: )

I want to be able to log my current IP phone into my Asterisk box and log Asterisk into the ISP server.

Could anyone assist me by infoming me what settings I require to set this up in Asterisk. (eg ooh323.conf file I assume)

Thanks :smile: