Connecting Asterisk with PBX

I have an Asterisk server installed which is connected to a Lucent INDeX phone system in the UK. The original voicemail system died, so the Asterisk box was installed as the replacement. I have Asterisk working, but I need to work out an issue. Currently, I can’t figure out how to get Asterisk to know where the call originated. When connected to the Lucent voicemail solution, the INDeX system would send information via serial port (smdi?) as to which extension was being dialed. I need to try to figure out how to capture this infomation with the Asterisk box. Without this information, a caller would need to re-enter the users extension when he/she is routed to the Asterisk box. I am using a TDM808B card in the Asterisk server connected to 8 analog ports on the INDeX phone system.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



You used to be able to purchase an option to use a 3rd party voicemail, But as the index is at end of life I doubt you will be able to get the licence.

Other than that the smdi was fairly straigt forward but syncing the two will be hard. possibly back to back trunk and extension may work but I doubt it

Personaly I would look to migrate over to the Asterisk.

How about using DTMF strings for transferring calls to the voicemail port of the phone system?

I know this is how a siemens, ericsson and LG do it.

Just do a NoOp on the incoming context in asterisk to see what it looks like. You’ll have some random numbers followed by a digit which may state the reason for diverting to voicemail, then the mailbox it is coming from…e.g

XXXXXXXXXXXX => Voicemail(su${EXTEN:11})