SMDI Support

Sorry if this has been asked and answered. I have searched and did not find this specific answer.

I see where SMDI is supported for connection of the Asterisk to another PBX, but is it supported for directly connecting the Asterisk to a voicemail system (no other voicemail or PBX involved)? In other words, can I use standard analog stations (POTS) or T1 between the Asterisk and the voicemail system, along with a standard serial RS-232 connection, and provide full voicemail integration … have the have this thrid-party voicemail system provide voicemail services for the Asterisk users?

Thanks in advance.

I would think you would do this through the dialplan in exten.conf. if your voicemail uses inband signalling, you could have it set to do an answer command and then send the DTMF after the call was answered… the possibilities should be endless…


Thanks, cadillackid … I appreciate the input. That may be a solution, but I would rather go with SMDI if it is supported.

Any other input on the original SMDI question? I need this for a client I am working with.

Thanks all.

BUMP … Anyone have any additional input?