COnnected Line Presentation questions


Experimenting with an Asterisk 16.28 instance, I observed that when a PJSIP endpoint dials another PJSIP endpoint, Asterisk sends back to calling endpoint, a 183 Session Progress message which includes a P-Asserted-Identity header. This header includes both callee’s name and number.

  1. For the sake of completeness, how can you mimic this behaviour (sending callee’s name back to caller in a 183 Session Progress message) with dialplan applications ? If I’m not mistaken CONNECTEDLINE() kicks in later when call the is answered.
    Displaying a text back on caller’s phone as soon as call is received can be useful to give caller an opportunity to cancel before the call effectively processed.

  2. On a call by call basis, how can you control the sending of callee’s name (callee number is known but some may want to limit presentation to number only) with Dial application ? Several Dial options deals with privacy but none seems to match.

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CONNECTEDLINE() has no knowledge of answer or unanswered. That’s up to the channel driver. For PJSIP there is the “rpid_immediate” option to cause connected line updates to be sent on unanswered incoming calls.

I’m not sure what you mean by control exactly, but there is a subroutine[1] that can be used to change/update before connected line update is sent. To just outright block them in Dial() there is the ‘I’ option.


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