CONNECTEDLINE example with VoiceMailMain and PJSIP?


I’m trying to send CONNECTEDLINE information to internal PJSIP-connected IP phones when VoiceMail is dialed.

My dialplan is:

exten = *51123,1,Set(CONNECTEDLINE(name)=Checking Voicemail 123)
same = n,Ringing()
same = n,VoiceMailMain(123)

At the moment, if I’m not mistaken, no UPDATE/INVITE or anything with “Checking Voicemail 123” is sent back to calling phone though the endpoint I’m testing with has:
connected_line_method : invite
send_connected_line : yes
trust_connected_line : yes

My setup uses Asterisk 16.2.

  1. Is the above dialplan correct (I also tried with Answer, Progress without success) ?
  2. How can I debug this ?

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The number has to also be set for SIP, as it is a required part. If you set that does it also work?

I tried various combinations (with Progress, Ringing, nothing, CONNECTEDLINE(name) first or last) without success, unfortunately:

same = n,Set(CONNECTEDLINE(num,i)=*51123)
same = n,Set(CONNECTEDLINE(name)=Checking Voicemail 123)
same = n,Answer()
same = n,VoiceMailMain({STARCODES_ARG},{VMOPTION})

I don’t see Asterisk sending back any INVITE or UPDATE at all.
May I insist that I’m using PJSIP ?

Do you have send_rpid or send_pai enabled? If so you’ll need to provide a SIP trace using “pjsip set logger on” to see what the traffic is doing.

No, I had both send_rpid and send_pai set to false.
Setting them to true, triggered sending of an UPDATE message that included CONNECTEDLINE data in a P-Asserted-Identity header.

Knowing now that last detail, I’m now understanding why enabled P-Asserted-Identity matters with this feature.

At first sight, [1] does not seem to mention many details on COLP feature with PJSIP.

I’ll take time to read it again to check if this is really true and post further details on my successful config to keep others from having the same issues.

Thank you very much Josh, for your help !


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