[INFO] : Need some info on Asterisk


I am new to this forum and I would like to ask a few questions.

If I understand correctly I can setup Asterisk and use my home phone line (analog), so I need to buy a card and 4 modules, 1 line and 3 phone. With that setup I can obviously only receive or make 1 call at a time to the outside but I can make call to any phone inside. For the phone can I still use my normal home phone?

Anyone ever try to run Asterisk on VMWare? I have a Windows 2003 server with VMWare and would like to use it for Asterisk instead of using a new box for it.

I also would like to test the new feature of Exchange 2007 Unified messaging and was wondering if anyone manage to setup Exchange 2007 to interact with Asterisk yet.


Hi slam666

You can buy a card with FXS modules or ATA devices to connect analog phones.
FXO module for connecting analog line or device like SPA-3000 (http://www.voipuser.org/review_8.html)

You can run Asterisk on VMWare but i don’t know if mapping hardware (FXO/FXS card) is possible (i think it’s not).
With SPA3000 and ATA devices analog phones will connect to Asterisk using ethernet-SIP, so no hardware card are requred.

Hi, so if I understand I only need to buy one SPA-3000 and hook my incoming phone line to it, my home phone and my network all in the same box? And can use my home phone and other IP base phone?

Thanks for the reply.