Connect Asterisk with My Synway SHT-8B/PCI card

i am Trying to Make IVR on Ubuntu 10.04 and i have successfully installed asterisk-
and i have installed my synway card driver also. now i am trying to connect my analog telephone
system with my pci card and after that i want to use this in asterisk for making IVR.

Please Guide me

  1. how can i connect my pci card with my telephone line.
    2 how to use this extension (landline no) in my dial plan.

Please Help me so that i make some serious progress.


First throw away that version of Asterisk. The whole 1.6 series is about two years after the end of normal support and about a year after end of security fixes. The version you are using was obsolete when mainline support ended.

For the rest of your problems, you need to contact the card vendor.