Asterisk, Legacy PBX and International calls

Hi guys, i need some help.

First of all my apologies for not being literate in the telco word and specially in voip questions. However i need to evaluate the feasibility of a project and time constraints do not allow me to properly educate myself! :frowning:

What we wanted to accomplish is to interface asterisk with a siemens hipath4000 pbx. The goal is to have asterisk route international calls via internet and leave all the rest to the siemens pbx.

Basically what i need to know is if this is doable? I know i can link asterisk to the siemens, but can i configure a topology so that all this is transparent to the end user? The Siemens is already in place and is not being replaced so it’s really a requirement that end-user impact is minimal!

Thanks for any help, Cheers.

Yes its very doable. You would probably want to do a T1 Tie line between the systems for communication. To Siemens it would be just like routing international to this T1. We have done this many times and would love to help you with it. Visit our website for contact information.

Chris Jones
Intuitive Voice Technology