Support T1/E1


I am setting up Asterisk. My problems is followings:

  • Help me How to connect Asterisk to traditional PBX through T1/E1?

  • If can, pls show me somes device to setup

I am looking forward your informations as soon as

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Nguyen Anh Tri

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You can either have a digital card in the server like the ones listed on the following page

Or you can setup a gateway such as a Redfone foneBRIDGE, Cisco router, Audiocodes Mediant 1000/2000 or something similar.

The advantage to the gateway is load balancing and HA are much easier to achieve.

What signal does the existing pbx require from the T1/E1 circuit?

asterisk also use pri_net or pri_cpi

You can do it through E1 or T1 as u said.

First thing to do is see what kind your old pbx can support (E1 or T1).

Second search devices like digium to implement.

Buy cards and coax cables to connect them.

One very good tip is search and download trixbox or elastix to configure your system. They have support to many services that u can use with this integration.

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