Stacking multiple inbound ringing lines


I’m looking for some help with a scenario I’m trying to implement.

I have an inbound IAX which allows multiple simultaneous calls.

I want to allow all incoming calls to ring on my asterisk box, but without being answered. I’ll then use some custom code to pick ‘lines’ to be answered, linking them to SIP extensions.

I don’t want to use a queue, as it is important that the calls aren’t answered unless they will reach an operator.

So, my main question is how do I stack up the inbound ‘ringing’ calls. Where do I send them to do their ringing? I’m looking at chan_local but don’t see yet how to implement this.

Thanks for any suggestions,

Have you tried using the “r” option on the queue?

Although I haven’t tried it, I would hope that using that and disabling any announcements would inhibit answer supervision generation.