Sangoma a102 pri

Hi I’m a C/C++ Software engineer. I’m new to Asterisk. I bought a SANGOMA A102 PRI card and a Linksys/Cisco VOIP phone. I recently downloaded the 32 bit asterisk now ver 6.12.
I have it installed on a PC with the SANGOMA card. I can log into it with a web browser. I have not configured anything yet …

So how do you configure the SANGOMA Pri card ?
Does it automatically recognize and install drivers for the SANGOMA card? Or do I need to download / configure it for my card?

I have an Atlas 550 that will provide classic TDM primary rate phone service. I want to assign a DID number in asterisk to the VOIP phone. So inbound calls with ring the Voip phone.
I have one DID number that I want to assign the test phone.

How do I set up the PRI interface on it with a NI-2 (National Two) primary rate ISDN ?

How do I setup the test voip phone?

Any videos, clues, urls or tips would be appreciated.

Dan / St Louis MO

You need to ask Sangoma. They are competitors to Digium, who sponsor this board. At least some of their hardware requires extra drivers which will not be part of AsterikNOW.