Configuring asterisk in ubuntu

hi everyone, I’m a newbie, so easy on me lol… well I’ve decided to plunged into the wonderful world of VoIP, and installed Asterisk and Zaptel on my ubuntu 7.10 machine, but that’s as far as I’ve been able to go…this is more for testing and learning propose as I’m doing this setup at home, I don’t have any Voip service provided, don’t know if I need it to do some call routing, all I have installed besides the Asterisk server is Ekiga, and Skype, would I be able to set Asterisk so it manages my call with this two clients… or do I need a real IP phone… hope not, also, if someone could point me to some tutorials for basic configuration ona Asterisk
any help appreciated


You can’t use Skype with Asterisk without a gateway.
To learn more about Asterisk read the book you can download here: .


Marco Bruni