New to Asterisk


I am new to * and would like see if some can point me in the right direction. Here’s what I woul like to do. There is a software that is an autodialer that calls a list of numbers and plays a message when the user answers the phone. This software can be installed on a Windows desktop and would communicate with the asterisk machine. I would like to set up the asterisk machine to process the incoming requests from the autodialer software to call the numbers from my list, and nothing else. I believe this will be a VOIP Gateway?

I currently have a machine running ububtu desktop version and would like to use this machine for asterisk. We will be using a dedicated T1 line for our needs. Question, when asterisk is installed, will it write over the ubuntu install or will it install and run as an app inubuntu? are there any hardware considerations (interface cards) needed?

Your input is greatly appricated :smiley: