Configuration For 2-Way Radio Patch

Hi. I’m an amateur (ham) radio operator, and I use software called HAMVOIP, which is built on the Asterisk platform. We can use our radios to make and receive phone calls (called an autopatch). I’m new to both Asterisk, and Linux, so I had to use someone else’s example to get the autopatch up and running.

The way it’s set up right now is when someone calls the home phone Asterisk answers and parks the call. I am then notified, on the radio, that I have an incoming call and what extension it’s parked on. I dial that extension, on my radio, and I am connected.

Since I share the autopatch, with the home phone, having Asterisk answer, right off the bat, keeps the other phones from ringing. I was wondering if there’s a way, in extension.conf, to create a ringing sound on the radio, while the other phones also ring. That way I can either answer on one of regular phones or on the radio.


I’m sure it can be done, but you are likely to have to change the logic signficantly.

I’ve no idea how the ringing sound on the radio is done, so I can’t be specific about that.

The first thing I would try doing is parking the call without first answering it. I suspect this isn’t supported, but it might work.

If that doesn’t work, you have to stall the call on a long wait, and pick it up by bridging it or channel redirecting it. You will need to store the channel identity in a global variable, so that it can be found.

I guess I’d first just try bridging it, but I’m not sure if bridge will answer the call. If not, you will need to channel redirect it to dialplan that answers then bridges, and stall the radio side.

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