Conference with manager interface in a live channel

Hi there,

First of all, sorry for my english.

We and our team is working years ago on call center projects, mainly on Avaya platform.

I searched through the net, but I cannot find any solution to our problem:

We need to play an annoucement in a call (to push a stream into the bridge).

With Avaya Definity, this looks like:

  1. Caller calls in and passed to an ACD skill (queue)
  2. If there are available agent, the caller is connected to this agent.
  3. Conversation follows
  4. With a 3rd party CTI application and with ASAI (Avaya’s “Manager Interface”), a 3rd extension is conferenced to play an announcement (heard by both caller and called party).
  5. The 3rd called extension hung up. The caller and called party remains in call.

I patched the svn app_playback.c to get a simple playback manager action, but the sound is choppy most of the time, or the bridge is dead after this operation.

Is there any way to achieve this function with Asterisk? (connect a 3rd party or extension or whatever with manager interface in an already bridged call).

I find some information that such callcenter specific functions comes maybe with 1.6, but I cannot find any detailed useful information. With svn I already have a bridge action and a dialplan function, but afaik, these are not enough.