Play Announcement through conference bridge


I would like to be able to play an announcement through a conference bridge in the middle of the call. I am aware you can play the announcement at the start / on entry but I would like it played in the middle of the call.

I have created the announcement and also a virtual extension that just loops the announcement over, is there a way I can connect the virtual extension to the conference call through AMI?


Could you give a demo of how I could originate a call to play the feed from the extension with the announcement?

exten => 134 has the looped announcement

exten => 111 is the conference I would like to connect to the announcement feed.

I gave you an example on this thread viewtopic.php?f=1&t=92353 You can take that logic and with a short modification you can insert the virtual extension with your announcement on the conference . Just do what I did on my example use G option on dial and local channel

I have an Idea of how to achieve what you originally are looking for. Play an audio file through an HTML app… Using AMI and local channel