Play Agent's Number To Caller


I want something like option A(*.gsm) in Dial() application , but play announce to caller not to agent, because option A play announce to agent.
But i’m stuck , I cant find a way to play something to caller right after call answered by agent and right before their bridge is connected.
I did test AGI script and putted it in Queues but I want something that work directly into dialplan, like Dial()

Please help me on this issue!.


You could use the G option, followed by an explicit Bridge().

Hello David

Thanks for attention

could you please write an example for me? a simple example


I would have to bill you for that, except that I don’t do paid consultancy, so you will need to find someone else for that.

I see,David , Thanks
I just need an example for the Bridge()'s part, I know the rest of things