Conference Number

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when a person is in a conference (using Confbrige) and the person would like to know the number of the conference is there any way to do it?
For example pressing a key on the phone,…

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I don’t think so. Maybe you should use the Asterisk Manager to monitor the events.

… And as I read your previous post (Addcaller Confbrigde), you can add the caller int the confbridgeroom with Asterisk Manager Interface.


thanks for you reply but i have never used AMI.
Can you help me? Or give some examples so can i start study AMI?

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For example in php:

[code]#!/usr/bin/php -q

<?php require_once('phpagi.php'); $asm = new AGI_AsteriskManager(); if($asm->connect("Server" ,"Username", "Secret")) { //Sing up to the events. $asm->add_event_handler("ConfbridgeJoin", "confbrJoin"); // ... do { $asm->wait_response(true); } while(true); }else{ //Failed connection. } function confbrJoin($event, $parameters, $server, $port){...}[/code] This script can able to monitor the Asterisk Events. If you want to see the events, you can connect to the Asterisk with Linux konsole: [quote]telnet 5038[/quote]