[Info] Conferences Via AGI

Hello Sir,

Is there a way to control/execute actions on active conferences via AGI?

I am trying below scenario.

  1. User’s dial the conference Id and through AGI server user is put into conference [ EXEC CONFBRIDGE ]
  2. User’s presses DTMF’s which needs to send to AGI server to take appropriate actions.

I know MENU’s per user per bridge can be configured via /etc/asterisk/confbridge.conf but I am looking for above as an alternative.

Currently, once the confbridge application is executed, control does not returns to AGI server.

Any other ways to achieve it?


yes , you can use AMI and AGI to achieve this .

We are using conf bridge capabilities and AGI/AMI for manageable teleconference program with Web UI . Its persian but you can get the idea . conference manager can mute/unmute/kick/hangup one or all participants .

Hi omid_mohajerani,

Thank you for the reply.

As you said, combination of AGI and AMI can achieve the use case. I tried and can see asterisk manager events for DTMF presses and Conference application.

I was trying to omit the use of AMI but it seems it cannot be done by AGI alone.

Nevertheless, I will use both.