Confbridge AMI Events not showing up

I’m using 1.8-r321926, and Confbridge seems to be working fine except I can’t list any help about the module, and no AMI events are being fired (I’m listening on a .Net socket app, and I get an extension notification, with the correctly identified application, but no events from Confbridge itself). The odd thing is that at some time in the past I remember this working.

Were you listening to MeetMe events?

app_confbridge doesn’t have Manager events in Asterisk 1.8, it does in Asterisk 10.

Thanks, Malcolm. I will start looking at Asterisk 10 immediately.

Maybe you can give me a pointer to something else. I need a dialplan function that will iterate through the users of a Confbridge conference and move them en bloc to another conference. I’d rather not do this through AMI, which might introduce some integity issues. My guess is that I might have to write a module - I have no problem with coding, but I have no experience with Asterisk object/data structures, and I’m not sure how I’d access the Confbridge objects. I’ve hunted through the developer forums and can’t find anything. Where would be the best place to start?

Why do you need to move them to another conference? What’s wrong with the one that they’re in?

You’ll probably use the Redirect Manager action: … n_Redirect