Conference Call like conference done by mobile!

I trying to solve one scenario:-
As I can make call from mobile phone to my friend1. As he accept it, I put him on hold, & dial friend2.
As he also accept it, I put him on hold & follow same procedure till friend6.
The I click on ‘Merge call’ & I can talk to all 6 friends at a time & they can talk each other.

Can I write This scene by dialplan?
Need help.

why you just don’t create a conference using confbridge() , you can use originate() to send callee to the conference …

If I use confbridge() then I have to dial different number than extension number.
I Created Conference via Conference room but cant do conference like we do with simple mobile phone.
By Asterisk mailing list I got answer as

I am using Asterisk-java API for do all these stuff.
If you have any clue then Welcome.