Confbridge not setting record file name

I am setting the confbridge record file name with the following dial plan command

same =>n,Set(CONFBRIDGE(bridge,record_file)=/var/spool/asterisk/confbridge/${file})

the result being /var/spool/asterisk/confbridge/test.wav as seen on the console

but the file which is produced comes out as /var/spool/asterisk/confbridge/test-1378328852.wav

The last part of the file name appears to be a random number.

In previous versions of confbridge the file would have been names as I had told it


Is this a new feature in confbridge?
Can it be turned off?

Or can I get the actual name of the file created back into the dial plan as a variable?

So after opening a bug I am informed this is a new feature and the Set(CONFBRIDGE(bridge,record_file)= sets a prefix which is appended with a date stamp.

You can read the actual file name in using MIXMONITOR_FILENAME


Actually I can’t see how I can use MIXMONITOR_FILENAME as there is no opotunity to call the varable in the dialplan while the conference or rather the recording is taking place.

Anyone have a better idea?

Hi londonnet,

Did you ever find a sollution to this problem? I have the very same issue.

I want to process the recording file so need to log the filename to an external system… You’d think that setting the filename would do exactly that, the the added timestamp makes everything a lot harder. Would be ok if I could get access to the acual filename used, but that does not seem to work (at least not using ${MIXMONITOR_FILENAME})

I have a work around but it’s not pretty.

In the dialplan I execute a command to rename the recording file using wildcards.

For example I know what the first part of the file is called because I set it. The last part of the file is time stamped and is a fixed length.

So I simply

System(mv /var/spool/asterisk/confbridge/${filename}-???.wav /var/spool/asterisk/confbridge/${filename}.wav ))

As I said not pretty but it does get you back to where we were without the feature and all the problems that relate to it.

I hope this helps

Hey londonnet,

Thank you for the response! This in essence is what I ended up doing to… I still think there ought to be an option to hard set the filename, but this works.


What version of Asterisk are you all using? I’m asking as if you are on Asterisk 14 or newer then there is a new record_file_timestamp CONFBRIDGE bridge variable that you may want to set to false. This tells Asterisk to NOT append the start time at the end of the record_file name you specify.

P.S.: Interesting that you’ve succeeded in getting the mv command to work in a System command. I tried to use the System command to delete a recording in the past and it didn’t work. I ended up having to write a second program to handle that part outside of Asterisk. Hmm, I may have to give that a whirl again in the future…