In Asterisk 11 I would receive a MIXMONITOR_FILENAME within an AMI VarSet Event following a ConfbridgeStart Event. I am no longer seeing that event with Asterisk 16.2.1

Note: While current documentation (i.e.: https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/ConfBridge+AMI+Actions) says I should be getting an identical MIXMONITOR_FILENAME SetVar Event after a ConfbridgeStartRecord command, this does NOT seem to be the case. I even added code to issue a GetVar request, to verify the MIXMONITOR_FILENAME on receipt of a ConfbridgeRecord Event, and it returned an empty variable. Has anyone been able to get a MIXMONITOR_FILENAME event within Asterisk 16?

I’ve noticed an absence of ConfBridgeRecorder Channel identifiers within AMI commands in Asterisk 16, which seem to have been replaced by a new bridging approach. Does this mean that the MIXMONITOR_FILENAME is no longer being set/used within the new bridging approach?

While it’s fine if the ConfBridgeRecorder approach has been replaced by a new bridging approach, here’s the problem:

Without the MIXMONITOR_FILENAME (or similar) SetVar event (or using the new record_file_timestamp configuration), it’s impossible to know the exact date timestamp added to the end of the the supplied record_file name by Asterisk. This is needed to keep track of this in an external database, which can then be searched to the end of being able to select and play back a ConfBridge recording.

I’m thinking it may be a bug or an oversight, but can anyone confirm/provide any enlightenment as to why there is no final filename (i.e.: With timestamp added to the end of the supplied filename) provided within any of the received AMI commands?

Thank You