ConfBridge greeting problem, maybe bug?!

Hi everyone!

I have a little problem with Asterisk 11 ConfBridge. I would like to play a greeting playback in to a confbridge room, but i can not figure out how can i do this. :frowning:

My confbridge options:



If someone join in to the room first time the new person hear the “conf-now-muted” sound, and after the others except for the new member BUT the Asterisk CLI show this:

<SIP/1003-00000022> Playing 'conf-placeintoconf.ulaw' (language 'en') -- <SIP/1003-00000022> Playing 'conf-now-muted.ulaw' (language 'en') -- <Bridge/0x8d8b2fc-input> Playing 'conf-now-muted.gsm' (language 'en') -- Started music on hold, class 'default', on SIP/1003-00000022

I think the “<Bridge/0x8d8b2fc-input> Playing ‘conf-now-muted.gsm’ (language ‘en’)” command is so interensting. If I am in the conference room i should hear again the “now-muted” playback, but i can not! :angry: Is it a bug or normal behavior?

I tried join 3 members in to a conferece room and if the third person arrived the two another hear the join_sound same time. This is my only one solution fom my problem.

How could I create a greeting playback in to a confbridge room?

Thanks in advance