Can't hear ConfBridge messages

A lot of the time I can’t hear the messages although I see them played on the dial plan. I’m used V10.2 of Asterisk. Like I don’t hear any of these.
– Executing [2210@confadmin:2] ConfBridge(“SIP/000BBE1CE929-00000032”, “2210”) in new stack
– <Bridge/0x7f76100094e8-input> Playing ‘conf-placeintoconf.slin’ (language ‘en’)
– <SIP/000BBE1CE929-00000032> Playing ‘confbridge-join.ulaw’ (language ‘en’)
– <Bridge/0x7f76100094e8-input> Playing ‘confbridge-join.slin’ (language ‘en’)
– <Bridge/0x7f76100094e8-input> Playing ‘confbridge-leave.slin’ (language ‘en’)

When I connect other users, the conference seems to work fine. I had another problem where I connected an admin user, then another non-admin/marked user, and after the admin user disconnected, the second played the moh. But when I reconnected the admin user, the non-admin user stayed in moh.

ConfBridge isn’t that difficult to set up so I’m not at all sure why I should have all these problems, but noone else seems to because I can’t find anything similar here on elsewhere.



Actually I do hear the ulaw file played to the phone’s SIP channel. I don’t hear the messages played into the Bridge channel. I’ve reduced everything to the simplest possible configuration and it doesn’t make any difference.

There is no such file conf-placeintoconf.slin mind you, but all the other formats exists. I have no .slin files of any kind in my sound library, but I suspect there’s some translation method going on behind the scenes to use .sln16 files instead.

It also takes time to “not play” the files. About the right amount of time passes for an announcement.

I’m at my wit’s end over this one. I can’t find any other references to problems like this so I’m guessing there’s something wrong in some spot that isn’t obvious.

Otherwise I have quite a good working Asterisk system.

I have the EXACT same issue using Asterisk 10. rc-3

Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone.

The next question is, I suppose, does anyone have it working properly (and perhaps with what dialplan, confbridge.conf and and sip settings).

P.S. I had very similar in problems in Asterisk 1.8.10 which is why I upgraded to V10. Also had similar problem in 1.8.5, which is why I upgraded to 1.8.10. :confused:

Actually there are two more issues I have discovered w/ the ConfBridge app after extensive testing this weekend w/ 10.3 Released version:
CONFIG: marked_user, non_marked_user confbrige and default menus:

(1) If the Musiconhold is set to yes for the marked user when he/she is alone in the conference, if a non-marked user calls in, signs into the conference, disconnects, then waits a few seconds to allow the musiconhold to start for the Marked user, then if the non-marked user signs back in, only one way audio is sent (from non-marked user -> marked). The marked user continues to hear musiconhold. In fact, this is the case w/ anyone else who calls in.
(2) Every now and then, if a non-marked user is logged in, a second non-marked user signing in will cause the 1st non-marked user to be kicked from the conference. (This happens sporadically, will investigate the exact set of circumstances.)
More testing to come. I don’t think this app is ready for primetime.

Issue reports, with logs, to :


After changing a few lines of code (see below), I get confbridge to play the “placeintoconf” prompt to the marked user.

Here is the CLI after the code changes:
– <SIP/xxx> Playing ‘conf-placeintoconf.alaw’ (language ‘en’) ; This is played to the channel (ie; person signing into the conf)
– <Bridge/0xb7a12a48-input> Playing ‘/var/spool/asterisk/confbridge/confbridge-name-XXXX-hostname-1333511387.6.slin’ (language ‘en’) ; This is played to all the other users in the conference (the name of the person calling in)
– <Bridge/0xb7a12a48-input> Playing ‘conf-hasjoin.slin’ (language ‘en’) ; Again, played to the users in the conference
– <SIP/xxx> Playing ‘confbridge-join.alaw’ (language ‘en’); This is the chime played to the channel
– <Bridge/0xb7a12a48-input> Playing ‘confbridge-join.slin’ (language ‘en’); This is the same chime played to users in the conf.

These are the changes:
line 745: app_confbridge.c (post_join_marked(…)

                       conf_get_sound(CONF_SOUND_PLACE_IN_CONF, conference_bridge_user->b_profile.sounds), "");
                //conf_get_sound(CONF_SOUND_PLACE_IN_CONF, conference_bridge_user->b_profile.sounds));                                                                     

Basically, I just replaced the play_sound_file function, which plays a file to the Bridge, with the ast_stream_and_wait function which plays to a channel. Seems to work for me, your mileage may vary.

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Ok. Newbie error.