ConfBridge application and ARI Bridges

Hey there!
I’m playing around with Asterisk, dialplans and ARI and I had some doubts about ConfBridge and ARI Bridges.
So, I’ve created a bridge using the ConfBridge application and in CLI I ran the command “conf bridge list all” and then it showed the bridge I’ve just created.
But when I run the command “bridge show all” it shows me the bridge but with an weird id like “9c573142-ff92-48e9-a9ed-ab7016ffe65a”.

I was wondering if it is possible to have some level of interaction with the ConfBridge and the bridges created by the ARI application or if it is totally separated stuff.

I’m asking that because in some situations the dialplans works so good that I don’t want to pass this responsability to my ARI custom application but in other situations want to use the flexibility of the ARI custom applications.

Thanks in advance!

There is no ability to manipulate or interact with ConfBridge over ARI.

Okay! Thank you for the quick replay jcolp!