Zombee bridges left with ARI

I am using Asterisk 16.9.0 with a big ARI application (1000 concurrent calls) which uses bridges haviely (ususaly more then 50 concurrent mixing bridges). I now noticed that when getting a list of bridges I get hundeds of zombee bridges - their id is some long number (like 9eba5dd1-ac3e-4876-89a5-43630536aa21) and their video-mode is “none”. Any idea what these are?

Have you confirmed that they aren’t bridges created and left over from your ARI application? The bridges themselves would have had to have been created through ARI to appear in the list.

I double checked my code to ensure it removes all bridges when the calls hangup. Also, the active, real bridges have names I assign them. It looks like something is left behind after I delete the bridge.

Do you see any events from them? Are you doing any transfers or anything? What is the output of “bridge show all” in the CLI?

No transferes on my application. It’s hard to tell if they generate any events, since I do not monitor bridge without channels on my application. Indeed they appear on the “show all” command. You can see on the excerpt bellow that these without channels also have different names:

Connected to Asterisk 16.9.0 currently running on PhoneLinuxSrv (pid = 5933)
PhoneLinuxSrv*CLI> bridge show all
Bridge-ID Chans Type Technology Duration
9eba5dd1-ac3e-4876-89a5-43630536aa21 0 stasis simple_bridge 04:51:25
167be06b-dd56-4b4b-80b2-c22d0dd32828 0 stasis simple_bridge 95:37:54
a9ba81b0-3af4-4a52-8173-e948db63e675 0 stasis simple_bridge 85:44:36
0372d3a0-4b9b-449f-8ac4-0a7605ac7477 0 stasis simple_bridge 35:40:54
1a631a91-86dc-43a7-9fe8-63bebb30c850 0 stasis simple_bridge 23:33:04
7120561c-624e-4a87-a05b-f998ad9f786a 0 stasis simple_bridge 47:54:28
40980977-6fce-45c3-a9a3-1ce22456ad88 0 stasis simple_bridge 24:37:24
dee9ad14-0ae2-4524-86b0-4cab5959136b 0 stasis simple_bridge 07:12:26
Group1_Ravs-30468450~1601489156.193436 2 stasis simple_bridge 00:22:45
Group1_Ravs-30468474~1601489866.194306 2 stasis simple_bridge 00:11:14
ae2dce4a-5421-42c8-94ec-e4d4d5009a35 0 stasis simple_bridge 81:39:13

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