ARI In-Dialog Messages (Confbridge Enhanced Messaging)

Hi, I am working on an ARI application that I am hoping to use to replace Confbridge in our dialplan using the Stasis application to better tailor it to our particular needs. However, we currently make use of the Enhanced Messaging features of confbridge in our client application so I would also need to try and replicate this functionality using the ARI.

As far as I can tell there isn’t a way to send in-dialog ‘MESSAGE’ messages using the ARI, is my understanding correct?

This would mean I would not be able to replicate those ConfbridgeWelcome, ConfbridgeJoin & ConfbridgeLeave events.

If this indeed is unsupported are there any plans for adding support for this in the future or alternatively is there another way I can exchange information between a client and the ARI application?


It’s not currently supported, it would be on the channel route. I know of noone working on such functionality.

I have raised this in jira here: [ASTERISK-30504] Support sending in-dialog messages to channel via ARI - Digium/Asterisk JIRA

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