app_confbridge (SVN) CLI question


MeetMe has information about callerid and talker available when you do "meetme list ". My application needs the CID and talker information available to work properly.

(I’m currently working with a bridging solution that uses MeetMe and some other customized components in my company. I really like the new video and wideband audio functions available in ConfBridge 10, and would like to work towards migrating the application.)

I have been able to modify the SVN code to add CID number and name, but have not been able to locate which structure contains talker information. (Yet.)

Before I put too much more time into this, can anyone tell me if there is an easy way to get this information already built into the CLI? Or, is there a plan to add this (or a similar) CLI command?

I’m also interested in a “concise” version on the command(s), but those would be easy to create once the full command is available.

Btw, I’m sure the folks who maintain “web-meetme” would be interested in “confbridge list concise” as well, since an important part of their code depends on this.




You’re right, app_confbridge only exposes this information via the ConfbridgeTalking AMI event.


If you need to expose that information a different way (CLI), that should be enough to help you get started.

The web meetme folks were concerned about scheduling conferences - something Confbridge doesn’t build into itself. If someone wants to patch that together, see my comment on the Confbridge 10 wiki page ( … fBridge+10), along with “realtime” support, the web meetme folk might be more interested.

Thank you for the prompt reply and the information. I’ll dig around in the code to see what I can figure out.

In the absence of Realtime support I just did everything in the dial plan. Our application is an “always on” bridge for users, so scheduling and ending bridges is not a concern; everything could be done with FUNC_ODBC calls. (FYI, we use web-meetme to allow users to monitor these bridges, but have modfied the code significantly to remove all the scheduling stuff since it is unnecessary in our particular situation.)

The reason I need “confbridge list consice” is because web-meetme uses an AJAX routine to query Asterisk for who is in the conference, etc. This AJAX code is still in play on our solution so it is important to have that information available in a similar fashion.

Also, we have some other scripts that look for people who forget to hang up the phone and clean it up. (A problem unique to an “always on” bridge system.)

Thanks again for the support.