Channel Redirect

Hi i need to know how can i redirect a channel to a conference.
The scenario is: im talking to a person, we decide to join a conference room and invite another person by calling his/her extension, the caller disconnect from conversation , the callee automatically is redirected to a conference room, the caller then dials another person’s exten, as the person answere the phone he/she is automatically redirected to the conference room. So is it possible to redirect channels to conference without hangingup, if yes, HOW.

Yes, it is. By using an external application to do the redirect via the Manager API (Redirect action with the extraChannel property).


Hi, thanx for the mentioning that. i have tried it and it works exactly how i want it to work.

But is it possible to do this using AGI scripting. i mean is there any function like redirect which we can use in AGI?

No. Why dont you want to use the Manager API?

If your agi script connects to the manager interface. You sure can.


Well here is the deal. In a call centre environment, i call an agent for help, agent has information not enough to solve my problem. he wants to put me in a conference with another guy and himself, so he has to put me in a conference, then join the conference himself and then invite the other person.
I can transfer the caller to the exten where the he(the caller) can join the conference by this:


as soon as the called person (the agent) transfers the caller to extension 2 by pressing #, the agent gets disconnected. I DONT WANT HIM TO GET DISCONNECTED. He should follow and join the conference.
and then he should be able to leave the conference at anytime to go to invite the other person in the dialplan and then join again.

I have used the code of C sharp to communicate with asterisk using manager api, but its like using a third-party tool. for agents to use this feature we will have to develop a separate application to provide GUI and ease of use. I dont want to do that

But i dont have complete knowledge of using manager api. Tell me if there is another way to do that, or where can i find complete help for using manager api.

Sorry for making u read this much text. Bye