Asterisk Confbridge Logic Help

I have Asterisk system which does the following:

  1. Caller Goes to conference as muted.
  2. Press menu item(1) to leave the conference
  3. call sip user.
  4. talk to sip user.
  5. Send caller back to conference.

So far this is so good. Now I want to get the caller back to the conference. How can I do it? The action requires to be in the loop because user need to stay in conference also talk to other sip user for a moment and back again to the conference. Its been many sleepless nights :sleepy: to get it working. Please provide some hints how can I achieve the given scenario.

Thanks For Reading This

You need to keep a track of caller channel name variable, and use AMI redirect action with an application map to keep the caller in and out, on the conference side, on the conference side you have also dialplan_exec(context,exten,priority) option

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