Dynamic and async dialing out of a conference

I am trying to dynamically add users to a ConfBridge conference in asterisk. It is very similar to the scenario described here in the dialplan_exec example:

wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ … fBridge+10

I have two problems with this scenario:

  1. I may have several running conferences at the same time. I want to add the new user to the same conference the originator is participating in (and not hardcoded “1234”). I create the first conference channel via AMI from an extenal server, which sets a CONFID variable on the first channel created. Is there any way I can pass this variable to the new channel I create using Originate (or another command)?

  2. I don’t want the inviting participant to wait until the other side answers before he returns to the conference. I want to call the other side and return to the conference immediately.